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Can't forget the Quests Over Coffee crowd. Today's my last day.

It's my last day at work. It's bittersweet. I'll miss many of the people I worked with. We really delivered and shipped some amazing things. I'm not going to miss checking my phone at all hours for messages, feeling the need to get online at 6:00a to help put out a fire, or bringing my computer on vacation. They'll be fine. They already have the job rec for my backfill out in the wild (the body's not even cold yet!). I know hiring is difficult and can take months end-to-end, so no ill feelings!

I've been so hyperfocused on the new projects as of late that I just need to shift gears and get back in the Quests Over Coffee world again. The December theme should be fun to put together!

I put together a digital demo of Pim Pam so people could get a feel for the gameplay (minus the Wild card) to see if its speed/quickness is for them. Hopefully it allows folks to make an informed decision! You can try it here:


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Pim Pam funded! T-minus 1 day.

I also created a digital demo so folks can try out the mechanic: Looking forward to my last day tomorrow.

The weekend counts, right? T-minus 6 days.

Besides the regular deulge of chores, I was struck by some creativity when I watched my eldest stack a bunch of 2" x 2" wooden squares together to make a little building. I thought to myself, "what if I created a board like in the board game Labyrinth with 1/4" spaces between so you could create small-ish dungeons with these squares". Might have to give the prototype a go this weekend between decorating. A little bummed my ping pong card game doesn't show up until Monday, but that's okay! More time to work on a few other ideas.