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Showing posts from November, 2022

Prototype to the printers. T-minus 9 days.

In a fervor of motivation, I completed my ping pong card game and sent it off to the printers. I also have the skeleton of the Kickstarter project ready to populate with cool pictures. I'm also able to crank out at least one coloring page per evening to get ready for that coloring book launch as well. It's been pretty motivating overall. I let my team know today that I will be leaving the company. Folks were shocked and some were sad by the news. May be a testament to me being a decent leader or simply that the new interim leader is someone they absolutely do not want to work for . That being said, it's possible there are a few flight risks coming up. I'll be honest: waking up every morning has been more carefree lately. Still no regrets. I took a mental tour the other day and looked at this decision for a break from a different angle. I'm taking the money I won't be earning and condiering that as an investment in myself. That brought peace and invigorated me

Crafting the plan. T-minus 10 days.

I've been working on the plan (i.e. backlog) of the things I want to accomplish during my self-imposed sabbitcal. Things range from getting a few games out there as well as working on some bigger projects like a non-profit mission statement and writing a short novel. I just completed the prototype for my ping pong card game called "Pim Pam" and it should hit the house in a week. Looking to have this be the first Kickstarter I release in a few weeks. The next is to compile a puzzle newsletter that I can Patreon. I still haven't regretted my decision yet.

I quit my job today. T-minus 11 days.

I quit my job today. My last day will be in 2 weeks. I think the best way to describe why: the company has a vision of how my organization should run, and I ultimately do not think that I am the right leader to bring that vision to a reality at this company. For the first time in my 18 years of working I don't have anything lined up next. It's very scary, but I want the next 60 days (after my last day) to be very intentional and fulfilling. Mental health is important and physical health is important. Work has been taking a toll on both of those for me this year. Because of that I thought it best to capture those feelings, thoughts, and plans.